Datum toevoeging: 17-10-2016 Valley: From drink to prototype in 3 days door Guido Braam

p>From drink to prototype in 3 days


Door Guido Braam, Director at Valley Creators

I just wanted to share with you some of the exciting stuff that is taking place in Valley, the beta version. The 6th of October we held a network drink powered by Euroforum as a prelude to their yearly circular economy event. Inspirational speakers like elderman John Nederstigt and entrepreneur Ron van Ommeren set the scene by showing that it can be done. Because the ultimate mission was to identify potential circular opportunities, within the group, in order to translate these in a proper business case during the main event the 7th of February 2017. But things went a bit faster...

While discussing an actual infra case, Robert Vreeken comes forward and starts introducing a cushion that can warm your torso with nothing more than a 40 watt rechargeable battery. After the drinks, Michael Kuiper, once in his car on his way back home, decides to come back and hands over his business card.


"Let's apply this efficient heating system to my refurbished office chairs of Desko"


Merely three days later I receive a what's app message that shows the prototype.

You can discuss to what extent this is the holy grail of circularity, but it sure is fast! And that is exactly what we need right now.

I have been involved in creating a circular economy movement for the last 6 years. Wonderful to find out the aspiration and enthusiasm of an ever growing community.

But during the CE100 event in Berlin the last couple of days it struck me; We understand what is wrong with our current linear system, We recognize the nuances of an ideal circular economy and the discussions during events start to sound like a broken record.

What we need right now is action, experimenting, co-creation. Going from rhetoric to reality. That is exactly the reason why I decided to devote my time in setting up Valley Creators within Valley. When we want the circular economy to become reality we need to scale up fast. Let's start by scaling up the number of action driven circular entrepreneurs.­­