Datum toevoeging: 02-01-2017 De office desks case studie van Desko beschreven op ERN

Core Sourcing 

The majority of desks are retrieved from customers through a buy-back scheme.


Desko is an office furniture provider, selling and renting both their own and other brands. For their own Duo Slinger table, Desko employs a three-tier buy-back scheme and usually remanufacture cores twice during their life-time. Desko buys newly manufactured products back from customers at roughly 10% of the product’s initial price. After in-house remanufacturing at Desko’s headquarters, desks are sold to a different market segment at roughly 50% of the initial product price. The customers of these remanufactured products are able to sell the desks back to Desko after use. These already once remanufactured are bought back by Desko at roughly 5% of the product’s initial price. Desko remanufactures the desks once more and resells the product for the last time to a third customer segment at 25% of the original price. Desko offers a free take-back for these customers and scraps the desks for parts.


Environmental benefits

Manufacturing a Duo Slinger table generates 127 kg-CO2-eq and consumes 0.935 kg antimony-eq. Remanufacturing the same table contributes a much lower climate change global warming potential and depletion of abiotic resources at 8.255 kg-CO2-eq and 0.08 kg antimony-eq.


Economic benefits

With these services, Desko offers three price points for customers – newly manufactured at approximately €920, remanufactured once at around €460, and remanufactured twice at approximately €230. The buy-back scheme also provides economic incentive for the customer to return the product. Due to the structure of their finances, many customers are unable to rent or lease office furniture. The buy-back structure allows customers to return products after use, gain some economic benefit, and not interfere with company cash flow.


Social benefits

Currently 50 employees work on Desko’s remanufacturing practices. This is expected to grow significantly over coming years.