Datum toevoeging: 19-06-2018 VIISI LABS CIRCULAR OFFICE DESIGN

Between 2015 and 2016 pioneer architect Cèsare Peeren designed and realized part of the new interiors for VIISI ‘s headquarter, an ambitious and innovative  company based in Amsterdam. At the end of 2016 the project won the Desko Circular Design Award powered by Desko.

A worn out bowling alley floor, dead stock Trespa table tops, vintage lamps, and heraklith acoustic system ceiling panels were redesigned to give a sustainable yet classy looking ‘living room for academics’. The space is used both as lunchtime canteen and evening seminar room.

Following the scouts and the makers during the different steps of production, this portfolio shows the process behind the scenes: where the materials came from and how they have been treated and upcycled.

Divided in #11 main photo series this reportage highlights the Superuse design practice with an accent on the craftsmanship of these amazing makers: an homage to the master of crafts, their dedication, their ability to transform something that was discarded into innovative and beautiful designs.



Harvest map of the main elements of the VIISI ‘s circular office design | © Denis Guzzo

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